Solid Panels

Rhodes Precast solid wall panels can provide both architectural and structural solutions.  Used as shear walls, interior walls, or exterior walls within a building’s design.

The solid wall panels can be made available in a variety of widths and thicknesses to meet your specific construction project needs. 



-   Time Savings – No need for formwork, No waiting time for the removal of the formwork, reduced drying out time for buildings.

-   Reduced Costs – Reduced labor on site, no steel fixers required, no formwork.

-   No Limits – No limitation to structural options.

-   All electrical socket outlets and conduits can be cast into both faces of the wall panel.

-   All Mechanical points and pipes can be cast into both faces of the wall panel.

-   High strength and durable product.

-   Paint Ready – Smooth surfaces, ready for decorating and painting, no plastering needed.

-   Excellent sound and fire resistance.

-   Low Risk – Fewer personnel required on site.

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