RPCFZ continues its commitment to manufacture the highest quality precast concrete products and provide concrete solutions with our security product range.  All our security products in the range are manufactured with 14500 PSI (100 MPa) concrete and reinforced with steel rebar combined with steel wire mesh and as per design requirements.


RPCFZ dedication to creating products that protect what matters is perhaps seen most clearly in our extensive line of precast concrete security products. With the highest quality precast concrete security products, RPCFZ has become the most trusted source in protection.


Our precast concrete security products are highly customizable and can be configured in the majority of cases to any shape to meet your specific security needs. As a result, our products protect everything from guns, hand grenades, vehicles, light mortar projectiles and, to highly confidential data.


Organizations such as the Military, Private Security companies, Communication and Utility Companies, all trust RPCFZ to develop personalized security solutions.


RPCFZ security products are backed by the expertise and know-how you can trust.  No matter the size of your operation, we can manufacture and deliver the precast concrete security products solution to best fit your needs. Our technical expertise, experience and innovative ideas provide the very best solution for the protection of your assets.



“Our Precast Concrete Security Products Protect What Matters to You”

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