Precast Technology

The advantages of precast concrete include:

  •   speed of construction
  •   reliable supply — made in purpose-built factories and not weather affected
  •   high level performance in thermal comfort, durability, acoustic separation, and resistance to fire and flood
  •   inherent strength and structural capacity able to meet engineering design standards for housing ranging from individual cottages to multi-storey apartments
  •  highly flexible in form, shape and available finishes
  •  ability to incorporate services such as electrical and plumbing in precast elements
  •  high structural efficiency, low wastage rates on site
  •  minimal waste, as most waste in the factory is recycled
  •  safer sites from less clutter
  •  ability to incorporate waste materials such as fly ash
  •  high thermal mass, providing energy cost saving benefits  
  •  simply designed for deconstruction, reuse or recycling.

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